NewsJoin us at the congregational meeting January 22.

CUCC will hold our first annual congregational meeting of 2023 on Sunday, January 22, immediately after 10:30 worship, on Zoom and in the fellowship hall.

Look for more details in upcoming newsletters.

Where to find documents for our discussion at the meeting

Draft minutes of the June 26, November 6, and November 13 congregational meetings and the 2023 operating budget which was proposed at the November 13 meeting are now available in Breeze.

Find useful documents by looking for your profile in BreezeTo find the documents, begin by clicking on your photo to open your “profile” (your contact information).  In the Useful documents section , look in the Upcoming congregational meetings folder.  The subfolder for the January 22, 2023, congregational meeting is where we are beginning to collect these documents and others for discussion at that meeting.  More documents (for example, the yearly reports) are being added throughout January.

If you have any difficulty finding the documents, contact CUCC historian Jane Smith at

If you have a topic for the agenda at the January 22 meeting, contact Moderator Laurel Powell at