NewsWhat are our resources for 2024?

Greetings to all you good people,

Offer your pledge hereWe are coming along nicely with our 2024 Stewardship Pledge Campaign thanks to many of you! We are a resilient group, as we all face inflationary pressure everyday. I know, Lynn and I have to watch our spending more than ever.
Our Visioning Dream Team presented us with the challenge to read the Visioning Statement and ponder how it fits with our personal dreams for a community we all cherish. Your pledges help nourish that dream process and thank you for doing that.
For those of you still deciding on what you can pledge to the effort for next year we understand.
We also know, we need you to confirm what your pledge will be, so we can complete the new year’s budget by allocating funds to each worthwhile endeavor.
I look forward to seeing all of you in person in early December. I hope you all have a peaceful and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday!

Grace and Peace to All of You,

Jim Oxenford
Co-Chairman, Stewardship Committee