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When Life & Faith gathers on Zoom, libations in hand, on January 5, 7-8PM, our backup question will be: What types of prayer are indigenous* to you?

The previous two times we met we wondered together, “Are there limits on what we can pray for? How do we know a prayer is answered?” Let’s continue that conversation about prayer to learn about one another’s default prayer practices. How did we stumble across them? Are they solitary or with others? Are there tools that assist us, or sensory stimuli that enrich our prayer? Do we turn to different types of prayer depending on the situation?


About Life & Faith

Life & Faith gathers on first Tuesdays, currently 7-8PM on Zoom, but hopefully one month soon in person at a local pub. Whoever shows up is welcome, so bring a friend. Jane Smith prepares a backup question (see above), but we start by inviting those attending to raise a question of the intersection of their life and their faith that has been nagging at them. We compare notes, share stories, and enjoy one another. In order to be a safe place for conversation, we keep what we hear in confidence.

Zoom information for our January 5 gathering will be in the January 2 Zoom email, or you can contact Jane Smith at


* Indigenous

1: produced, growing, living, or occurring natively or naturally in a particular region or environment