NewsProperty Work Day

Thirteen was the lucky number for a recent church workday. The dozen and one hard-working volunteers tackled a wide variety of projects to get our buildings and grounds in great shape for the fall. Bushes were trimmed, weeds were whacked and two barrels of pinecones were removed from the children’s playground. A trailer load of mulch was spread to stabilize the soil above the fire pit area, and the path between the two parking lots was revitalized with mulch and sand. Mildew was removed from a brick exterior wall and the trash enclosure panels were given a good scrubbing. The kitchen island and refrigerator were cleaned, and cobwebs were removed from the exterior of the main building. Several windows were washed and the lenses in the VFH ceiling lights were removed and scrubbed. In the Wade Avenue lot, a row of parking blocks were excavated from a decade (or two) of pine straw that had turned into soil. And the nursery mural received some additional details as it nears completion.

The final 2023 workday will take place on Saturday, October 28 from 8 AM until noon. Hope you can join us!

For more information on CUCC property work days, contact Merrilee Jacobson.