As the delta variant spreads across our community, the Path Forward team would like to update the congregation on ongoing conversations regarding how to safely and effectively care for one another during this time. We are encouraged by the success of our hybrid Sunday services and continue to tweak what these services will look like based on national guidelines as they become available. We are excited for the changes in seasons which could allow for more outdoor events. We are encouraged by the number of people vaccinated and those who are now becoming vaccinated. Mostly, we are encouraged by the cautious care our CUCC community has given to one another to make sure our gatherings can be safe and fruitful.

We continue to encourage vaccinations for those who are eligible as this has been proven to be the best way to eradicate the most negative effects of COVID-19. We continue to request that masks be worn when indoors on the church campus. We continue to encourage care for yourself and others as we enter another season of unknowns.

Pastor Lacey offered a simple metaphor for the continued work of the Path Forward team:
This task force operates as if we are on a very long hike, up a very steep mountain and we cannot yet see the top. We often stop to consult maps, compasses, and one another to determine the best route up. Sometimes we are hiking up and sometimes we are hiking a straight line across bumpy terrain, but we are always moving and have the goal in mind of getting to the top.

As we continue our metaphorical hike, we think of how to safely provide community with the goal of welcoming anyone into the CUCC community in a safe, accessible, and spiritually fulfilling way. The Path Forward team continues regular meetings to discuss upcoming events and working with standing committees to ensure events are also safe, accessible, and spiritually fulfilling.

If you have questions about CUCC’s adaptations to the coronavirus, contact Moderator Mike Cline at