Dear CUCC –

The Path Forward team continues to meet in order to guide our return to a physical presence on Dixie Trail. We are thankful that vaccination and infection rates are trending in the right directions and we are incredibly grateful for your patience as we figure out how to return to our campus while keeping everyone safe and leaving no one behind. While we realize that you may have returned back to “normal” in other aspects of your life, we, as a faith community have a higher level of responsibility for the safety of our members and visitors, especially the most vulnerable (children, immune-compromised, or people who have chosen to forgo vaccinations for health reasons). And because of this responsibility, we are taking a more conservative approach than other organizations.

At this time, our target date for a return to indoor worship is September 12th. We will keep you informed of any changes in that target date. As part of our return, CUCC is acquiring technology that will allow us to stream our services so that those who cannot worship in person can continue to be participating members of our community. We will keep you informed of the progress of this technological upgrade.

Although we are not worshipping in person yet, CUCC is planning more indoor/outdoor social and educational events this summer to bring people back together. We are working closely with the leaders of these events so that we keep folks as safe as possible by providing guidance regarding food and activity spacing (see this and future newsletters).

We encourage everyone to get vaccinated if they are eligible. You can find the spot to get your shot here: or by calling 919-250-1515. We also ask that everyone wear a mask when inside and not eating or drinking and observe social distancing of at least 3 feet while indoors.

Finally, this has been a long, long year. As we all face the possibility (the hope) of the end of this pandemic, we are challenged by the paradox of the desire to get back to “normal” as well as a dread of getting back to “normal things.” We, the members of the Path Forward task force ask you to take a moment to count your blessings and acknowledge that you have gone through a lot this past year. We are glad that you are a part of the many blessings of our congregation.

-From the Path Forward Team

You can find contact information for Path Forward members in the Breeze “Path Forward” tag.

A few guidelines to keep everyone safe

We encourage everyone who enters our buildings to be fully vaccinated.
We ask that everyone use the hand sanitizer located at each entrance.
We ask that everyone wear a mask and maintain a social distance of three feet or more.
We ask that no one use the kitchen at this time.