What Do I See?

I know my view is very small.

I lean in to peer around the wall.

To look beyond my limitations, to get a glimpse of God’s perfection. It’s bright and clear like a star in the night. And then it’s gone. Another moment’s delight.

Seasons spin like a merry-go-round. Here comes spring – it’s green and glowing, colors are alive and growing. Re-birth fills me with anticipation for all the summer abundance coming.

We can feel the grandeur of God. We can see the divine expression everywhere we go.

Sit right down and breathe the moment. Being alive is the best conduit. To channel God through my appreciation. Gratitude for all creation.

To move in glory gives me new insight. My view expands when I go to the mountain top. Understand that the view internal is greater than the universal.

That God is there in the depth of my soul. I close my eyes and pray for the world. And see the mercy that can unfold.

To be the gift is the great design. To break the bread and pour the wine.

To reflect the love is to embrace the struggle. To find solutions for my sisters and brothers.

Miracles are ever-present.

God has given us everything we need to create paradise within the chaos.

My sight might be limited but my faith is foolish in its unflappable steadfast view,

that love is the energy of creation. I will not be moved from this foundation.

The stone is rolled away so that we might see the power of resurrection.

Embrace the miracle of this Lenten season.

It was given to us so that we might live into the glory of the unlimited potential to be.

So I will not be afraid to reach for the highest because the fall is forever cushioned by the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Christ has shown us the way to redemption.

Love God and love each other with an unconditional love and forgiveness.

Let’s embrace the responsibility of being connected to the Original Source Energy which is God’s Grace.

So let’s all pause this Lenten season, put away what we don’t need, subtract the noise that blocks the path, and listen for that eternal First Voice like a trumpet sounding.

“Come let me show you things that surely must be Heaven.”

What do I see?

What do I expect to see…?


If you would like prayers or support from the CUCC Deacons please reach out to Bill Bryan, pathreader@gmail.com, or Libby Hooker, primpyprincess@gmail.com.