Resolve to Keep Building

Many new year’s resolutions have been made and already broken or forgotten. This can clearly be seen by the fact that at the beginning of each new year gym memberships go way up only to be in a state of non-use by the end of February.

Within themselves resolutions are good; however, if they don’t have any realistic goals or bench marks they are doomed to fail. This often can leave people in a state of guilt and to some degree, feeling defeated. But, what if the idea of making resolutions was reconsidered based on what one has accomplished? Think about how powerful this would be in helping people move forward in their goals. Thus, reconsidering and evaluating the resolution is healthy for the mental, spiritual, emotional, and spiritual state of individuals.

In Nehemiah 8, we see how the exiled people of Israel are gathered at Jerusalem. They are there to rebuild the walls and gates of the city. Also, they had read their history and law with God. In doing so they reviewed their past, and yet, as God was merciful to them, had dreams of who they could become.

Did you make new year’s resolutions? How willing are you to review the progress in previous ones? Where can our Creator God guide you in both old and new resolutions? Remember our God is a God of eternal newness. The Holy One’s grace is with us in all our failures and accomplishments.