The Joy of Celebration


From time to time, during our period of prayer in CUCC’S Monday Lunch Group, we are reminded by Geraldine Bryan to share more joy. As we begin to share more joy the heavy atmosphere of the previous prayer requests seems to find balance. Whether it is the joy of seeing beautiful birds outside, or a wonderful worship service, the group is reminded that God is interested in everything going on in our lives.

I’m reminded how the faith community is sometimes told to be more subdued in our celebrating. We are told things like, “You’re supposed to be more humble”; or, “You’re having too much fun.” These kinds of devaluing statements makes one feel guilty and miss the real joy that comes in true celebration.

Fall is my favorite time of year. There is a certain kind of celebration in the air as we see the kaleidoscope of color In the trees, the state fair and yes, football. It is the time of year when families gather to celebrate with thankfulness the blessings of our Creator.

Scripture itself seems to encourage us to experience the joy of celebration. There is the Day of Pentecost, for instance. Besides our Christian celebration, the original intent of Pentecost was to celebrate the Jewish harvest or first fruits. There is Miriam, along with other women, who danced before God as she played her tambourine in celebration of Israel’s victories over Pharaoh”s armies.

We are free, then, to loosen up and celebrate with gusto! We can do this whether our joys are great or small. As the group Cool and the Gang sing, “Come on let’s celebrate and have a good time!”