It Just Is

Trying to describe love is a little like telling someone what the sky is. Oh, there are definitions for the sky, but no words can truly cover its vastness. Telling a person what love is might be like understanding the wind. You can feel the wind, but can’t see it. But one can see how it can gently wave the branches of a tree. Though the wind and sky can’t be fully comprehended, they are there.

Love is like the sky and the wind; hard to explain, but its beauty and results are clearly seen. Love just is!

Scripture tells us that God is love. Because God is love, love is. We are created in the image of God; thus, love is in us. There is nothing we can do to earn love or deserve love; love just is. What we can do is embrace love, live in love and give love. Who knows what we can accomplish when we walk in the power of love.

As we await the birth of the Christ Child during this Advent season, there are many who are going through dark times. Everywhere we look there is injustice. Through our loving actions, we can bring about the birth of the Christ Child through how we support our neighbor and work for the rights of all. The birth of Christ brought love to a world filled with hate. As a result, our acts of kindness and justice can immerse it in love. Because Love is, we are.