Getting to Know You


Please Lord, help us to see you in our brethren at CUCC.

We walk by each other down the hall to the Fellowship wing and don’t make eye contact.

Help us to look at each other and smile.

We stand next to each other picking up a plate of nibbles after Church, but only say “Hello.”

Help us to speak a sentence or two to each other Lord.

We don’t know what to say to each other. We are kind of shy.

Please Lord help us prepare to share a delight or insight.

We love each other in the abstract because we stick to speaking to just a select few.

Please Lord, give us more courage to know each other.

Help us to smile at least.

Please Lord, help us to see you in all of those attending CUCC.

Who knows, maybe we’ll learn to do the same in the wider world.

Can we say “ I don’t know you, but would like to know your favorite thing about CUCC, or something you like to do for fun in the summer,” to get the conversation rolling”?

Please Lord, be our strength.

Help us try to try to know each other better.

Dear God, I pray that you will help us to reach out more; take more risks; dare to be thought less than cool if we feel awkward.

Exchanging a couple of sentences with someone we don’t know at all is a START!

We pray that you will help us to love all the awkward people, including ourselves.

We pray that we come to know you better by reaching out to each other.