December 2020

It’s coming. Lacey hinted at it in her message last Sunday. Will you feel it? Will you sense it? Will you see it, hear it, touch it, sniff it, taste it? Will it be something you know in your heart of hearts to be true, that leads you to smile, dance, feel free, and be light? Or will it only be a tiny glimmer in a heavy sadness you observe as being your life? Will it be inspired by the 16 or 17 of us who gathered eloquently to share “darkness” poetry Monday night? Will it be tucked into the Solstice itself with its assurance of longer days ahead? Will it be scratchy, soft, slimey, shiney, smooth, rough, gelatinous, solid, sharp? Will it have a shape? Or be formless? Will it enter us in music? In words? In silence? Will it have a color? A pattern? A temperature? What will it look like?

Will it be in the passage of the stimulus package at the federal level? Will it be in the expectation of receiving a vaccine locally at your neighborhood pharmacy? In neither? Will it be in the ability to access toilet paper and sanitizing supplies? Will it come in restaurant take-out or groceries? Will it be found in the safe haven of home? Or revealed in risky traveling? Will it come in the sun reliably coming up each morning? Will it come in a new President? Or someone else? SomeTHING else? Will we discover it with, through, among people, or alone? Will it be in long awaited hugs?

Will it glow in the freshness of the approaching new year? Will it spread in our openness to possibilities? Will it show itself in letting go of baggage we no longer need? Can we find it in an as yet untarnished tomorrow? Will it be in our striving, or releasing? Will it come unexpectedly? Do we have to force it to come? Will it come naturally? How long will it stay? Will we have to reach for it? Or will it arrive like a lovely surprise package in our laps?

Will it come in the laughter of children opening their packages? Will it come as we watch The Nutcrackerwithout physical crowds present? Can it be sensed in the showing of favorite Christmas ornaments with their stories among us? Was it sparked and foretold by Josephine’s Christmas pageant? Will it flow through the Christmas carols, candles, the softness in the minister’s voice, faces on Zoom in the Christmas Eve service?

Is it in the Biblical promise “All things work together for good to those who love the Lord”? Is it the birth of the Christ child? Whatever “it” is, it is hope…