Even as we are in this Coronavirus time, going outside to get some exercise is encouraged. So, one day when I left my small apartment to walk and get some fresh air I crossed paths with an African American man who was possibly homeless. As we passed each other we greeted one another with “Hello”. Getting farther away from me I heard this man say over his shoulder, “I believe in God.” In processing what he said I thought, “Yeah, God believes in you too.”

A lot is said about how God loves us. But, it is rarely mentioned how the Creator believes in us. Thus, the Holy one believes and accepts who we are and our dreams. Even during this “stay at home” period She is aware and helps us with our every day tasks and believes the best for our future.

In her book The Gifts of Imperfection, Brené Brown illustrates that we do not need to be perfect in accomplishing everyday things or daring pursuits. As members of the faith community, God knows that we are not perfect, but takes all that is within us to help us be our full selves. Further, because God created us as “good,” (Genesis 1) God has a positive image of us and invites us to have a positive image of ourselves.

Biblical images of such figures as David, who made major mistakes, or the woman at the well, who partook of the living water of Christ and evangelized her village (John 4) confirms that the Holy One believes in us and works through us in spite of our flaws.

Perhaps the fact that God believes in us is more powerful than the fact that God loves us. Because She believes in us we can embrace who we are as people of God and live our lives to the fullest.