We live in a time where people are protesting the unjust killings of African Americans by police. This is also a time where people are examining their White privilege and having deep and honest discussions about racism. As I am one of the few persons of color at Community United Church of Christ perhaps you are wondering “what does Robert think about all that is going on?” For that answer I want to take you to the “well”.

In John chapter four Jesus asks a woman of Samaria to give him a drink of water. The fact that Jesus spoke to her at all shows that even though they were supposed to be enemies as well as from different racial classes, he respected her as a full human being. Later on in their conversation Jesus reveals to her the spiritual water that he could give her; the eternal water from which one will never thirst.

The meeting at the well tells us that we all have this “living water” within. This spiritual water helps us to accept people for who they are. It helps us to march for and work for justice. When we get weary and tired we can go to our spiritual wells within and be refreshed to give this water to all of human kind.

Yes, I believe in the causes of “Black Lives Matter.” Within and around this I firmly believe that all lives matter. The meeting at the well breaks down the barriers of systemic racism and asks us to drink of the waters that bring forth the equity and equality for everyone.

I applaud Community United Church of Christ for having self examination on issues of race and privilege. I admire our history of working for social justice. As we draw from the living water of Christ, which gives us hope and strength, we can continue to make this world a better place to live for all.