We Are Each Other


Many of us today have an “Alexa.” We ask it all sorts of questions such as “What’s the temperature outside?” or “How far away is the moon?” As this is Black History Month, Amazon is inviting us to ask for a Black history fact each day. Yours truly has participated in this request. Through this, I have learned about lesser-known Black historical figures such as John Hamilton Houston, a former Dean of Howard University who wrote the framework for Brown vs Board of Education. I was also reintroduced to Daniel Williams, who performed the first open-heart transplant.

Although this month is devoted to Black history, the fact is that the history of my race affects everyone. People like Martin Luther King Jr. understood that the freedom of African Americans is intertwined with everyone’s freedom. Rev. Dr. William Barber III is making modern-day history as he works for the rights of the poor no matter what race they are. He recognizes that when the poor are doing better, we all will likely do better. Great women such as Maya Angelou, who touched our hearts and spirits with amazing poetry, and Kamala Harris, who is the first Black vice president, will forever impact our America. All of us have been affected historically by African Americans – by the many inventions that have emerged from this race. Inventions such as the comb, stop lights, or elevator has helped to make our lives easier.

If God had a favorite color what would it be? I think that it would be the colors and contributions of every culture. This would include everything from music to architecture. Certainly, the creator rejoices in the inclusion and contributions of Black Americans.

There’s an African proverb that says “Because you are, I am.” Thanks be to God for African Americans who have shaped our nation, and thus our world. Amen.