In Isaiah 26:3 we are told that we will know the peace of God as we keep our minds on the creator. Thus through any hardship or situation we can be less stressful and more focused as we live out the belief that God is with us and for us.

We are living in the strangest of times. News events that air reminds us of stories that come from the biblical world. We are hearing new phrases like “shelter in place” and “social distance”. If you are an extravert like me you might be wondering about what do these phrases really mean. Others of us who are more introverted may be more like the psalmist who wrote “How do we sing a new song in a strange land”? Yet, just as the nation of Israel did experience as they were held captive in Babylon, we have the promise of peace from God.

It is ironic as to how this strange time of the Coronavirus is helping us to experience life in new ways. Through the use of Zoom and other technologies we are still seeing each other as well as carrying on the work of various organizations. Neighbors are checking on neighbors that they have not contacted for a long time. As walks are taken outside, a new appreciation of nature is being experienced. There are even those who are learning the meaning of being still and knowing that our creator is God. (Psalm 46:10)

As you live in and reflect upon the peace of God during this time how will you use your faith to work through the fears that the Coronavirus can bring? Perhaps you might consider how this strange time can help you get to know yourself better. Maybe we can all discover the gifts that we have within us to over come new challenges. As we live in the promise of peace from Holy One we will know that God is a very present help in times of trouble and always. (Psalm 46:1)