NewsAssociate Pastor Śānti Matthews

Dear Beloved Church Family,

WOW! I am full to the brim with overwhelming gratitude and joy! My ordination service on Sunday was more beautiful, meaningful and Spirit-filled than I could have ever dreamed. So many of you had countless conversations with me in the weeks leading up to the day, and you helped me through all my nerves and my planning. Thank you! And then so very many of you were all around, sharing God’s Love and making the day so special on Sunday! You all were also phenomenal and gracious in welcoming my family, friends, and clergy from outside our church. Many have commented on how warmly they were received by you!

I’m so grateful, heart-filled, and proud of us!
My cup runneth over!
Who would ever want to belong to any other church?
I see us afresh and I love us dearly and am excited for this new arrival at what is so clearly my church home! Let’s truly enjoy our new chapter together!

With heartfelt love,