NewsRobert Parrish, chair of the CUCC Deacons Ministry

The covid virus has done terrible things to our country and world. Many have become disabled and yes, millions have died. However, as resurrection can come out of ashes, some new ways of living and thinking have come out of this unfortunate event. People have started their own businesses or found new careers. There are others who have taken that dream trip that they have wanted to do. I even heard that teenagers are talking to their parents more, (LOL). Thus, as a result of Covid a very positive thing has happened to me.

Most of you may know that I am an ordained privilege of call minister in the United Church of Christ. This means that as I was ordained in the Baptist tradition, I now am qualified to pastor or engage in opportunities In our denomination. As I am a legally blind man the advent of Zoom and other platforms have given me a practical means to pastor.

I am having a wonderful experience serving as supply pastor for Sand Hills UCC, located in Aberdeen, NC, and Gregory UCC, located in Wilmington. From my living room I lead worship and preach at these churches on their assigned Sundays. I also lead Bible studies for them on their alternant Thursdays.

I am having a wonderful time getting to know the people of these two congregations. Oh, at times it is complex. But, the timely guidance I get from them is very helpful.

The two churches will come together for an Easter Sunday service. Even at a distance from both churches, I can feel excitement in the air. The future plan is to have other combined special services in the future

Even through the tragedy of Covid the hand of God is working in mysterious ways. I thank the Creator for this opportunity to touch and guide the lives of other people.

Rev. Robert Parrish