I can hardly believe we have been worshiping via the livestream for 7 months!  When Council approved expenditures for the equipment we would need, none of us was certain what this new “hybrid” ministry would become, or whether CUCC members would take to it.

Six months in, we are still learning and full of questions about how to strengthen relationships while also providing a worship-filled experience for those online and on campus.  We’re tracking trends, asking questions, and experimenting.

Did you know we don’t know who is present unless you tell us?

Our livestream provider doesn’t tell us who is present; there is no secret list.

You can help us enliven this ministry by telling us you are with us.  Either sign into the chat to add the human touch to our worship, or sign the caring roll if you prefer to be more private.  The link to the caring roll is under the livestream window.

By signing in, you help us understand what is working for you in this new hybrid ministry.

I welcome your thoughts about our hybrid ministry; give me a call or send an email.  If you’d like to try your hand at being an online worship host, we’d welcome you to the team.  Keep inviting friends and family to join you.

Thank you!

Jane Smith (online host lead)  smithjeg@mindspring.com