NewsPastor Lacey hands a member a scripture verse on paper. Both are masked and standing distantly.

Pastor Lacey has been among us for one year! Amid all the anniversaries this spring, perhaps this is the most delightful as well as promising. Since Mothers’ Day last year, we have flourished in a challenging time. With Pastor Lacey’s leadership, building the beloved community is a more intentional daily practice, season after season.

Please consider how you will express your gratitude for Pastor Lacey this past year and your hopeful engagement in the exciting years to come. Lift your prayers! Mail your card or note! And here are more opportunities:

May 9 (Mothers’ Day) during Zoom worship, we will all celebrate Pastor Lacey’s constant love, service and guidance

May 23 after Zoom worship, don’t miss our collective in-person Pentecost celebration on the church grounds