NewsAssociate Pastor Śānti Matthews

Dear members of Community UCC,

I have the great joy of sharing that I have completed all the requirements, the coursework, the evaluations, and the paper writing and I am fully eligible for ordination pending a call. It is a fulfilling experience to share authentically and abundantly, to seek to know one’s own gifts and passions, and to follow them prayerfully with intention and careful examination, to recognize when it’s time to adjust the course or to step in more fully, and to celebrate when God’s call is acknowledged and heard.

I’ve been a part of Community UCC for a long time and I treasure the deep connections, the faith experiences, and the genuine caring we share here. I am myself here. Being who I am and doing what I do are aligned here. Thanks be to God. I am grateful for the way Community UCC encourages authentic participation, supports discernment, and celebrates every individual gift. I will continue to be dedicated to my faith journey, in my relationship to Spirit, in my work and service to others, and in my self knowledge. I will continue to seek deeper understanding and connection to God, knowing that as I grow, so does my ability to serve in the world.

With gratitude,