What CUCC tradition welcomes people as they join our church with color, prayer, and care? That’s right – prayer sticks!

In recent years, through the Arts in Worship Committee, with the much appreciated faithful initiative and support from Joan McAllister and encouragement from Santi Matthews, a small group has gathered to create personal prayer sticks for each person who has decided to join our church. The sticks are bamboo that are prayerfully wrapped with yarn in colors that reflect each new member’s bio. The prayer stick creators are creative and generous church members who approach this craft purposefully and with focus. This small group gathered last Saturday morning Sept. 2nd to create individualized prayer sticks for each person joining our church on Welcoming Sunday (this Sunday, September 10). Pictures of some of the sincere and thoughtful creators are shared here.

This session also included creating a new small group community board. Each person in attendance drew or wrote their representation of “welcome” on a 3×3 wooden square. The squares were gathered together to create an artistic representation of CUCC’s welcoming spirit and will be used in the worship service on Sunday. Let us celebrate the joy of welcoming spiritual connection!

For more information about how to join the prayer stick workshops, please contact Marty Lamb at