Community United Church of Christ seeks to include people fully in all aspects of our life and work together.

We continue to learn about practical changes we can make which will make participation easier.

  • Large and standard print orders of worship are available on our homepage each Saturday for 10:30 worship. Hearing assistive devices are available from the ushers.
  • Our sanctuary has both pews and chairs, with spaces provided in the central section and at the rear for those who use wheelchairs.
  • At communion, we offer grape juice in order to include people with alcohol sensitivity and some of the bread is gluten-free. Communion is served on the ground level of the sanctuary and we are glad to bring communion to you; alert an usher or the person sitting next to you in the pew.
  • The Passing of the Peace is the sharing of a blessing. We say to one another “Peace of Christ be with you!” and respond, “And also with you!”
  • Bathrooms are accessible and two in the fellowship hall are gender nonspecific.
  • We share many meals and are mindful that our members have made a wide array of dietary choices. At shared meals we label foods which are vegan or vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free, or contain nuts or nut-products. If you have additional concerns or need to be extra careful about an ingredient, talk with someone setting up the potluck. Please let us know if you or your child(ren) have allergies and we will support a safe experience for you in our community.
  • The sanctuary, fellowship hall, main meeting rooms, and classrooms are on ground level with paved sidewalks connecting handicap parking spaces to the buildings. From the Dixie Trail parking lot, the door to the classroom wing has a touch pad for opening.


With our members encountering new physical challenges, we are still learning ways to welcome one another. Your suggestions are welcome.

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