Accessible to AllNews

The next time you go into the restrooms in the Vaughan Fellowship Hall, imagine yourself in a wheelchair or being child-sized.  Then look up-up-up to the metal shelf where we used to keep the hand soap dispenser.

Becoming more accessible is often about imagination.

A square hand soap dispenser sits on the sink adjacent to the faucet.CUCC now has new hand soap dispensers that sit on the sink, a reachable distance for anyone washing their hands.  The A2A team at CUCC looked for a dispenser that was stable, not too tall to fit, and attractive.  You can help us out by ensuring that the square hand soap dispenser remains on the sink rather than on the shelf.

If you notice something at CUCC that is a barrier to your full participation, please let us know. The contact person for CUCC’s A2A group is Beth Allison Moon