NewsA mother smiles at her young child who glances at someone to the side. Come to the Sunday Morning Bible Study on the birth narratives in Luke

To prepare our hearts and minds for Christ’s entry into our broken world, the Sunday Morning Bible Study plans to take a deep dive into the first two chapters of Luke’s gospel. These chapters contain intriguing stories of miraculous births contained in a rich tradition of miraculous birth stories. Luke developed full characters to experience these stories and wrote beautiful songs to capture their responses.  We’ll seed our contemplation by sharing a chapter from Richard Rohr’s The Good News According to Luke (1997) but welcome your insights to enrich our experience of Luke’s gospel.

November 20:  We’re reading Luke 1 and 2 to form our own impressions before considering Rohr’s.

We meet simultaneously in the CUCC Library and on Zoom.  Contact Bill Lamb to be included on the Bible Study’s group email for updates and the Zoom link.  The Zoom link is also included in the Monday Online Events email.