CUCC elects members to serve on the Boards of Directors of two local housing organizations which CUCC helped found, and we hope to return to active participation at a third which offers affordable childcare. If you have skills which you might share with their boards or a passion for affordable housing, please contact us for more information.


RICH Park Housing

Raleigh InterChurch Housing was born in 1968 with the dream of creating low cost housing where anyone could live without regard to race. Five congregations – three black and two white – joined together to utilize a federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program to build 100 apartment units on Method Road.

With the end of the HUD program, RICH Park continues to provide low cost housing in a mixed income development. The consortium of five congregations has rededicated themselves to providing oversight, working with a professional property management company. An on-site manager organizes a variety of programs for residents. Some of the slots for RICH Board of Directors are designated to come from Community UCC.

RICH Park Housing congregations are Community United Church of Christ, Cosmopolitan Baptist Church, Davie Street Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church (Wilmington Street), Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh.

Questions about unit availability should be directed to the property management company.

Method Child Development Center

Method Day Care Center (now Method Child Development Center) was founded by the same five congregations (see RICH Park Housing) who discovered that the residents of affordable housing also needed quality childcare. MCDC welcomed all children, regardless of race or income. Designed to allow children from all backgrounds to learn and play together, MCDC continues to provide outstanding childcare.


Community Church Low Income Housing Corporation

Community Church Low Income Housing (CCLIHC) was founded in 2014. Two rental properties – a small home and a 6-unit apartment complex – adjacent to Community UCC’s corner lot had come on the market. Intrigued at first by reserving the option to expand at a future date, we quickly realized that we could continue to preserve them as affordable housing until the land was needed for other ministry. Using funds contributed by our members, the nonprofit CCLIHC was founded by Community UCC to oversee the project. Some units are reserved specifically for low income housing and all are rented at below market rates.

A professional management company handles day-to-day operations.  Questions about unit availability should be directed to them.

RICH Park Housing apartments

If you are interested in renting, contact the property management companies directly.  CUCC’s staff and members are not involved in placing people in the rental housing which we support.

A prayer for those seeking an affordable home

God, guide those searching for a home and protect those without one. Inspire our hearts with compassion and our communities with unity, so that all may find warmth, safety, and hope. Lead our leaders to just solutions, that every person may know the comfort of shelter. In your grace and love, we trust. Amen.