Below is volunteer information from the Raleigh Baptist Association regarding hands-on involvement.

Personal Shoppers
Volunteers are needed to do some personal shopping for families. The RBA has been able to partner with various merchants (Target, Grocery Stores, etc.) who are providing discounts on the items that are needed. Volunteers can contact the RBA and receive lists of what each family needs, and they can receive cash/gift cards to go and make those purchases on the RBA’s behalf. In some cases, they can even reimburse you if you’d rather use your own credit card.

Donation Sorting, Organizing, and Distributing
Donations are starting to roll into the RBA offices. Some are going out as soon as they come in, but others are accumulating until larger numbers of refugees begin arriving in the coming weeks. There will be a need for volunteers to help out at the RBA offices in this way over the coming weeks as they are short-staffed.

If volunteers would like to assist with hands-on involvement in either of these ways, please contact Patrick Fuller, Executive Director of the Raleigh Baptist Association. He is in charge of coordinating volunteers for both of these efforts. His email is and the phone # at the RBA is 919-231-3995. The RBA headquarters are located at 820 S New Hope Church Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610.