NewsLook for our banners and join us. They are about 6' tall with one white stripe and one green or red stripe. In colorful letters they say Community United Church of Christ.

On Saturday, March 2, our presence in large numbers is needed in downtown Raleigh.  Together we and thousands of others will listen to the stories of those directly impacted by legislation and policies, and we’ll get energized to get out the vote in 2024.  If any of these justice issues (graphic below) are close to your heart, attend to lend your support.

This family-friendly Assembly celebrates coalitions and shows our strength as people across North Carolina stand up for each other.  In fact, on March 2, these Assemblies will be held in 30 states across the country, uniting us from coast to coast and rural to urban.  Unlike other protest-style gatherings, the Assemblies are story-focused and our role is to listen, to connect their stories to ours, and then commit to go home and get out the vote with a shared vision.  Together we are poor and impacted people, clergy, and advocates believing in and demanding a better world for one another and ourselves.

At their February meeting, CUCC’s Council voted unanimously to support our Do Justice ministry’s request that Community United Church of Christ be a Mobilizing Partner of the Assembly and March.

Calling all people who believe in and demand: living wages healthcare voting rights & stopping voter suppression equal rights for all worker/labor rights environmental justice access to housing fully-funded public education abolishing poverty AND THE UNITY OF LOVE, NOT THE DIVISION OF HATEMass Poor People’s and Low Wage Workers’ State House Assembly and Moral March on Raleigh and to the Polls
When: Saturday, March 2, 2024 – Gather at 10am – March at 10:30am (new info)– Talks by impacted people start around noon
Where: Gather at State Capitol (1 E. Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC) and march to NC General Assembly (16 W. Jones Street, Raleigh, NC)  See the map


CUCC is walking or sitting together!

Rain or shine:  It looks like the rain will be tapering off before we begin, but bring a rain coat or umbrells just in case.

Read more here

If your health prevents you from attending downtown, you can join the event by livestream  here or on Facebook here.  Be sure to sign in so they can add you to the count of attendees.  Share with your friends via social media while you are watching, inviting them to join you.

I am not a crowd person.  Why should I come?

Numbers matter.  The NC General Assembly will listen differently to a crowd of 5000 than a crowd of 500.  And even if the talks by impacted people and the music and the energy don’t move you, you – by showing up – are encouraging others who share your commitment to this justice work.  The entire Assembly is a multi-hour commitment, but come for as much time as you are able.

Attend as a marcher or a sitters

The Do Justice Ministry is organizing people from CUCC to attend together in two groups:  those who are able to stand and walk for long periods and those who do better seated. While most of us will march around the Capitol to the General Assembly and then stand to listen to the talks, you can attend by by sitting at the stage the whole time (bring your own folding chair).  Bring small children in a wagon.  To find your CUCC group when you arrive, call Jane Smith if you are a walker or Joan McAllister if you are a sitter.  We hope to have a big CUCC banner with each group to help you find us.

Getting there

You can make your way downtown on your own, or meet at CUCC to carpool or take the bus (free).

9:10 AM Those who would like to ride the bus cross Dixie Trail to bus stop (Route 4/Downtown). The bus should arrive around 9:18. Riding the bus is currently free; buses are currently running every 30 minutes on Saturday. The bus should arrive at the GoRaleigh station near Moore Square at 9:40AM. IMPORTANT: If you plan to take the bus, check the Service Alerts that morning to confirm that Route 4 is running every half hour and that there have been no temporary route changes. Service Alerts here  Route 4 schedule here

9:15 AM Those who would like to carpool to the march gather in the Dixie Trail parking lot for informal carpooling: find someone with space in their car going to your destination (sitters or walkers).  At 9:30 AM the carpools will leave the Dixie Trail parking lot. The driver of each car will drop off people near their destination (NC Capitol or NC General Assembly), then park in one of the nearby parking decks or on street. Carpoolers, please chip in toward the cost of parking if you are able.   Parking in NC state government lots   Downtown Raleigh parking

10:00 AM Those able to walk will gather at the NC State Capitol (1 E. Morgan Street). The march to the NC General Assembly begins at 11 AM. Those who need to be seated gather at the stage near the NC General Assembly (16 W. Jones Street).

Noon- ish to 1ish Rally and assembly at the NC General Assembly

The Covenant of Nonviolence

Participants are asked to commit to the Covenant of Nonviolence.  Read this before coming.  CUCC asks you to abide by the Covenant while at the Assembly and March.

Signs and t-shirts

Plan to drop by the Do Justice table after worship on February 25 to make your own small sign.  Watch for details in the February 22 newsletter.  And, yes, do wear your new CUCC t-shirt!


Read more about the goals of the Assembly and March here.

If you have questions about CUCC’s logistics, contact Jane Smith at before March 2 or call her on the day.

If you would like to volunteer, the Assembly and March needs lots of help on March 2.  Read more and sign up here.  Tell Jane you are volunteering and we will look for you and wave as we march by.


Map showing location of march start and assembly destination