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We hope you will join us for worship in December as we remember the birth of Jesus and welcome the Christ in our lives today. Advent (the four weeks prior to Christmas Day) is a season of celebrating and beautiful ritual. Community United Church of Christ is a casual and friendly place where you are welcome whether this is your first Christmas at church or your 50th.

Our theme for Advent is Draw Near. We are invited to draw near to God, to the story of Christmas, to our families, and to the church. We are also aware that God is drawing near to us through Jesus Christ.

Currently we worship on-campus as well online simultaneously via our website livestream. At 9-9:30 AM an intimate service of meditation in the style of the Taizé community in France is offered. From 10:30-11:30 AM we gather, for singing, prayer, scripture and learning. Read about the schedule below. After both worship services we linger for conversation in small groups. This is a good time to get to know people and ask questions.

If you are interested in the worship, service, or learning opportunities described in the calendar or in the CUCC News & Events, contact Pastor Lacey Brown to learn how to participate.

If you’re joining us online and have Advent candles, bring them to light together each week. Or, bring a single candle (wax or battery) if you have one.

Advent Worship Schedule

First Sunday of Advent: November 28

Sunday of Hope
We light the first candle (purple).

Second Sunday of Advent: December 5

Sunday of Peace
We light the second candle (purple).

Third Sunday of Advent: December 12

Sunday of Joy
We light the third candle (pink).

Fourth Sunday of Advent: December 19

Sunday of Love
We light the fourth candle (purple).

Christmas Eve: December 24, 5-6PM

We light the Christ candle (white).