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Ordinary Time… what a weird name for a liturgical season!

“Ordinary” in this case comes from the Latin ordinalis which means to order or count.  During Ordinary Time, we are counting the weeks between the two festival seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter.  There are two chunks of Ordinary Time – January/February and summer/fall.  We are in that second chunk.

So what does the Church do during Ordinary Time?

Ordinary Time is for growth and maturation, hence the liturgical color green.  We delve into history, exploring the stories of Jesus’ ministry which occurred in a particular time and place.  We live with mystery which is interwoven with that history – stories of miracles, curious sayings and parables, and unlikely friendships.  And we think about our own time and the mystery in our lives individually and together.  Ordinary Time is a season of conversion.

Reading the lectionary together

You can follow the scripture readings for each Sunday of Ordinary Time, and discuss them with others at Lenten Lectionary Lunch on Wednesdays at 1pm.

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Worship and COVID-19