NewsDecember 3 - the Hope Sunday of Advent. We gather for communion and light the first Advent candle on our wreath. Don't forget to bring your food bag for the food pantry.

We begin Advent gathered around Christ’s table for a meal filled with Hope.  As they will each week of Advent, a family will light a candle on our Advent wreath to help us prepare for the coming of Christ, both as a child and as the bringer of love and justice in the future.  If you are at home, have a candle nearby to light with us.

Whether you join us for worship online or on campus, you are invited to Christ’s table to eat bread and drink grape juice.  Those online are invited to bring something you find in your kitchen to eat and to drink.

Read about how CUCC understands communion here.


Here’s what’s happening at CUCC during the season of Advent

Advent Calendar 2023