Newssocial justice

Based on the Emmy-nominated docuseries Allen v. Farrow, which explores Woody Allen’s sexual abuse of his daughter Dylan (now in her thirties), Jane Doe Films collaborated with the Center for Judicial Excellence, The National Family Violence Law Center, and RAINN to screen a series of four panel discussions. CUCC member Suzanne Chester, next year’s Do Justice chair, participated in the third panel discussion, where participants discuss the challenges of proving child abuse in family court. The excellent docuseries is available on HBO Max. The panels are publicly accessible via the Jane Doe Films YouTube + Facebook pages.


Panel 1: Grooming + Child Protection: YouTube

Panel 2: The Protective Parent’s Dilemma: YouTube

Panel 3: Parental Alienation Syndrome & Family Courts: YouTube

Panel 4: Long Term Effects of Abuse on Survivors: YouTube

CUCC’s Do Justice ministry commends the series to you.  For more information, contact Do Justice co-chair Gary Smith