You are invited to become part of Community United Church of Christ, wherever you live.

God is moving in the world and the people of CUCC are finding new ways to serve, to learn, to worship, and to support one another. Currently most of our life together is happening virtually, using Zoom, conference calls, and the telephone. Size limited groups have been gathering on the grounds and in our fellowship hall, following the best current public health guidance (read our in-person guidelines here). The virtual or in-person meeting place is listed in the location section of each event on the calendar.

If you are interested in worship, service, or learning opportunities described in the calendar or in the CUCC News and Events, contact us to learn how to participate and we will be back in touch with you. All of the groups described on this website are currently active.


A word about children and youth during COVID-19

The disruption of staying safe during COVID-19 causes unique challenges for families of children and youth.  We have found Zoom to be especially conducive to inviting children and youth to lead in worship, and we incorporate interactive opportunities for all ages during the 10:30 service.  Our education staff create intergenerational small, in-person events, and festive social events with a hint of creativity and silliness for Zoom.  The youth group continues to meet in person for shared projects and attended virtual summer youth camp.

To learn more about what’s next for your family, contact Anne Bailey Zschau (preschool through elementary) and Śānti Matthews (middle and high school).


Practical details for worshipping on Zoom

We are currently worshipping live on Zoom and welcome you to join us.  Request the Zoom information by filling out the contact form on this page. You may join us by phone call or internet, and we encourage you to sign in with your name so that we recognize you.  Throughout the service, the co-hosts are available to answer questions.

The Saturday Zoom email includes Zoom meeting information for both worship services, links to the orders of worship so you can participate in spoken sections and hymns, and special instructions about things to bring to worship (for instance, something to eat and drink on communion Sundays).

We encourage you to join the worship service with your camera on so we can greet one another with smiling faces.  Microphones are muted except for a few parts of the service when we invite participants to unmute themselves to speak.  We do not record our worship services for online use later.

For 10:30 worship only: Bring a candle to 10:30 worship.

Children and youth are welcome for the entire 10:30 worship. Even in our virtual space we have a special children’s message every Sunday led by our staff and members.

During Prayers of the People, you may pray in silence or may submit your prayer in the Chat to have it read aloud to the congregation. At the conclusion of each read prayer, the leader will say “God, in your wisdom” and the congregation answers, “Hear our prayer.” Prayers in the Chat are also included in that week’s Community Prayers to allow the congregation to continue supporting one another.

4 families sit in a large, pandemic-appropriate circle for a Tailgate Supper

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