NewsRecycling event for broken small appliances and all kinds of other things at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church on April 20

So, the toaster on your kitchen counter has stopped toasting. The coffee maker languishes in the corner, its switch malfunctioning (yes, you did diligently unclog the water pipes). Oh, and that thermos on the shelf has lost its cap. How to recycle kitchen stuff?

Is it plastic? Is it metal?? Is it glass???  Hmm, all of the above …

Anything with a Plug will take small kitchen appliances and separate the parts so you don’t have to resign them to the landfill.

Don’t forget the mass recyclables collection day and native plant sale on April 20 at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, our neighborhood church colleague in creation care. From now until Earth Day, we will continue featuring opportunities to recycle items that the city or county won’t collect.

Check out the older posts to discover what else WRPC is collecting that morning.
Used cooking oil & egg cartons

For more information about the event, or if you can’t make it but have items to deliver, contact Glenda Chen at

West Raleigh Presbyterian Church

9AM to noon

27 Horne St, Raleigh, NC 27607