Have you got dead charging cables, cell phones, computer parts, or other pesky zombie electronics lying around? Our neighborhood church friends at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church have invited us to their April 20 drop off day. They will also be selling native plants for your garden that day. Thank you, WRPC!

From now until April 20 we will feature opportunities to recycle items that the city and county don’t collect.

Why recycle e-waste instead of toss?

E-waste (electronic waste) has lots of little bits of material – from precious metals on one end of the spectrum, to toxic substances on the other. Check with your cell phone provider to see whether they want phones back. Either way, Anything With a Plug will accept them and recycle the components properly. Instead of tossing your e-waste in the landfill (eek!) hold on to items until April 20 and bring them to collection day at West Raleigh Presbyterian Church, 27 Horne Street.

A complete list of materials which can be dropped on April 20(For a complete list of what they do and do not accept look hereStart collecting now!

The Beeloved Community Garden will also be hosting a native plant sale next to the dropoff.

I am busy April 20.  Is there another way to get my recyclables there?

If the day / time / location would prevent you from dropping off your items, feel free to write Glenda at and we’ll find a way. CUCC’s Justice in a Changing Climate depends on collaborations like these as we do our climate crisis work.