NewsAnthology of poetry called "Collecting Our Thoughts" This is the second volume in this series.

Inspired by Roger Manus, CUCC’s Arts in Worship in conjunction with Religious Education Ministry announces that we are now open for original poetry submissions for Collecting Our Thoughts ll. This is the second edition of the anthology of poems written by members and friends of CUCC. The first edition was created during Lent, 2023.

Please send your original poem/s soon (by Leap Day, February 29)! A wide variety of poems will be accepted. 

Submission Requirements:

  • Please submit original poetry only.
  • All poems are to be formatted and submitted in a Word document in Arial or Montserrat typeface in 12pt. font with standard page borders and 8.5×11 size page)  Please format your poem/s the way you want them to appear in the anthology. 
  • Send your poem(s) to Leslie Shaip at by February 29.
  • Each poet will be limited to seven pages of poems (in Arial or Montserrat 12pt. font), except that only five pages of additional poetry will be permitted for poets who had poetry published in the first edition. 
  • Included in the page limit, your formatted submission may include a brief note, and original picture or graphic (with permission) about one or more of your poems (to be included in B&W only if printing permission and space allow). You could also describe (in a brief note) the inspiration, context or circumstances that gave rise to the poem. 

The anthology will be available in hard copy and on our CUCC website. If you have any questions, contact Roger Manus at