The cash bail bond system doesn’t keep people accused of crimes in jail; it keeps poor people accused of crimes in jail. 

Those who can afford to pay, get to go home.  Most often those jailed for lack of money to pay the bail bond are people of color.  While awaiting trial – often for months – they lose jobs and housing, and their relationships with family are strained or broken. 

If working to reform the cash bail bond system sounds like you, get in touch.  We welcome your ideas and your talents.

Interested in working on bail bond reform?

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Elections 2022

Your Voice, Your Vote

The cash bail bond reform group* invites you to keep bail bond reform in mind as you vote.

Primary Candidate Responses

Candidate surveys were sent to candidates running for:

Wake County Commissioner

Wake County District Attorney

Wake County Sheriff

NC District Court Judge 10F

  We will add responses as they arrive.

Voter Information Station

Important Dates for the Primary ElectionOne-stop location for voter information

Absentee ballot request form

Voter registration and address change form

Early voting schedule and locations

Voter look-up – Confirm your voter registration is accurate.  Print your sample ballot.  Locate where you vote.  Follow your absentee ballot through processing.

*This voter education project is the work of a small group of Wake County church members who have been working on cash bail bond reform; Community UCC members are active participants.  This collaborative group has a local focus while exchanging ideas and resources with congregations and criminal justice professionals across the country.  If you are interested in participating in their work, contact them at

Community United Church of Christ is a non-profit organization (501 c 3).  We do not endorse candidates.

Community UCC Initiatives

A working group at Community United Church of Christ is leading our work to reform the current cash bail bond system as one of our economic justice and racial justice initiatives.  In 2019 the congregation passed a resolution charging the group with this work. Our first step has been to work within our denomination, the United Church of Christ. We took the resolution to the Southern Conference (UCC) Annual Gathering where they approved it unanimously.  Now we are assisting the Southern Conference in bringing the resolution to the United Church of Christ at their 2021 General Synod.

Read more about our work so far here

If this work sounds like you, get in touch.  We welcome your ideas and your talents.

Resolutions on cash bail bond reform

Community UCC commits

Southern Conference (UCC) commits 

United Church of Christ General Synod 33 commits  standard print   large print

An action to take today

HB210 is a bill in the NC Legislature to reform some of the unjust bail bond practices. Please write your North Carolina legislators and ask them to support the bill. It is currently in the Rules Committee; please ask them to bring it to floor.

You may use Do Justice Ministry’s letter as your template.

Nationwide and Local United Church of Christ Initiatives

A logo for the cash bail bond reform movement.

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Contact us at

Introduction by Gary Smith

standard print    large print

Why get invested in reforming/abolishing cash bail bonding (data) by David Bland

standard print     large print

Guiding principles by David Bland

standard print    large print

What Community UCC is doing in North Carolina by Adrienne Little

standard print     large print

Pretrial Assessment Tools – a presentation to the community by Dr. Samantha Zottola, January 9, 2022

event description

Dialog on a local church guide to initiating a cash bail bond reform effort by Diana Koenning and Gary Smith

standard print      large print

Scripture references

standard print     large print

Three NC localities’ cash bail reform accomplishments and initiatives by Diana Koenning and David Bland

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Helpful documents

standard print     large print

Educational Intensive presented at the UCC’s General Synod 33

View video here

How to get a fair hearing

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Artwork you can use – the Bail Bond Reform logo   

Download here

A dramatization of how the cash bail bond system works

“Cash Bail Bond Reform Sketch” by Community United Church of Christ  View video here

Presentation by Dr. Samantha Zottola, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, The Center for Family and Community Engagement, NCSU

“Hope for Pretrial Justice”  January 9, 2022

video     slides

Benediction:  Mandate, Commissioning, and Prayer by Bill Gretsch

standard print    large print

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