Thanks to the COVID-19 induced shutdown of worship, meetings, etc, in the main building, we currently have an embarrassment of solar riches!!

We are currently producing more power than we are using. In our net metering contract with Duke Energy, this over production can accrue for a year, and then if not used by the end of May each year, Duke Energy erases the “stored” extra kilo watt hours (kWh) credits. Our current solar over-production will likely continue through May, and then we will start over with zero balance. Erasing our balance is not terrible since the kWh will still be carbon free power into the grid, but Community UCC will not get use of it, or be paid for it.

SO if anyone has an electronic device or car they wish to charge at the main building at church (not Pilgrim House*), now through the end of May is a great time to do it to use some those disappearing credits (currently, we have 600 kWh stored).  Bring your own cable and plan to stay with your device.  There are two 3-pronged outlets:  one pair in the courtyard on the Vaughan Wing wall and one pair near the Hoffman Room entrance near the playground (accessible for your car from Wade Avenue parking lot).

We have the (clean) Power!

Gary Smith
For the Justice in a Changing Climate task force

*Why not at Pilgrim House?  Our solar panels are connected to the grid via the main building.  Pilgrim House is on a different system so our solar credits don’t work on that electric bill.