NewsEV Charging Station

The charging station is now up and running. Signage will be installed by the end of February. It is on the EV Connect network. To use it download the EVConnect app to a smartphone and create an account.

To begin a charging session, you will use the app to scan a QR code on the charging station or enter the station ID BTC1872 which is below the QR code. This tells EVConnect which charging station you are using. You’ll then be instructed to connect your vehicle by unplugging the connector from the station and plugging it into your vehicles charging port. The station shows the cost of charging on the screen before you plug in. The app will ask how you want to pay. With a iPhone, the options are credit card (if you’ve stored one in your account), Apple Pay or PayPal., For more information, check out and




On March 10 immediately after worship we’ll gather on the Dixie Trail parking lot for a dedication and ribbon cutting to celebrate and announce our EV Charging Station to the community.

For more information on the charging station or the dedication, contact Gary Smith or Jim Smith.