NewsDrop off station beneath the coat rack

Do you get as frustrated as I do discovering unwanted plastic utensils in a takeout order? No matter what note I make in the order, the restaurants insist on including little packages of plastic wrapped utensils.  Aarrgh!  What to do with all that plastic?

I have learned that the Helen Wright Center for Women would be happy to receive packaged and unopened plastic utensils AND unopened toiletries (the little ones from hotels).  For the shelter, these individual packs are a way of safely providing necessities for the women at the shelter.

Community Outreach Ministry is sponsoring a one-year trial collection of these two items.  I will be the contact.  Drop off your unopened plastic utensils and toiletries in the yellow boxes on the shelf of the coat rack at CUCC’s hall.  If you notice a box is getting full, let me know.

Note:  Please, please, please don’t request either utensils or toiletries for this project.  The world doesn’t need more plastic stuff.  Let’s keep trying to get restaurants to pay attention to our requests to NOT provide them automatically.

Jane Smith