Accessible to AllNews"Accessible to All" means Educating Us All: water fountain and bottle filler

Our decades-old water fountain was recently replaced by an ADA-compliant unit that also offers a bottle filler. Not only does the unit make water accessible to children and those with mobility issues, it also lowers our carbon footprint by not constantly chilling the water.

The cost of purchasing and installing the unit was covered by an accessibility grant from Beth and Lisa Allison-Moon. Their generous donation has also provided hearing assistance devices for the sanctuary and a space in that room for those using wheelchairs. Thanks also go to Ken Jacobson who built and installed a box around the drinking fountain’s unsightly drain and electrical outlet.

Before photos

The new bottle filler

The bottle filler with an automatic bottle counter

The new ADA-compliant water fountain

Our new ADA compliant water fountain and bottle filler

If you would like to help with the Property Ministry’s work to make our facilities comfortable and safe for everyone, contact Merrilee Jacobson at