NewsChalice and pitcher, golden loaf of bread, and a simple wooden cross invite us to this meal of love shared

You are welcome at Christ’s table for communion on Sunday, January 9, during 10:30 worship.  At CUCC we practice an open table; all are welcome.

Those worshipping on campus will receive individual cups of bread and grape juice.  Those worshiping online are invited to bring something to eat and drink to your livestream viewing.

Where to attend
Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19? Join us for worship on campus in the sanctuary!  We wear masks and keep physically distanced while in the building.

Register here each week.

Do you prefer to worship online?  Join us on the livestream here.

Children may stay with their parents in worship or go to Sunday School with Anne Bailey Zschau, Children’s Education Coordinator. Contact Mrs. Anne Bailey if you have questions about what will work your child.

Time for friendship after worship

Whether you are on campus or online, linger after worship to get to know others. Those online hop over to Zoom for relaxed conversation; the link is in the CUCC Online Events email and will be posted in the chat at the end of the service.  Children and adults on campus go to on campus fellowship – outside if the weather permits, inside if not.

Read more about our COVID guidelines here.

If you have questions about communion or worship at CUCC, contact Pastor Lacey Brown at