NewsBefore and after photos: crumbling sidewalk and smooth, level sidewalk

The church campus is now more accessible and attractive, due to recent concrete repair and replacement. Five damaged panels were replaced and about 15 were ground down to eliminate trip hazards. In addition, the broken sidewalk panels at the entrance to the Wade Ave. parking lot were replaced with 6” concrete reinforced with rebar. Check out the “before,” “during” and “after” photos that show the transformation. The next step is to have all of the campus concrete power-washed so that the courtyard and internal sidewalks are a lot brighter and whiter.

Before, during and after: the driveway entrance shows deep cracks and uneven panels. Rebar is added to the excavated spot. Smooth concrete connects the sidewalk a the entrance.

Before, during and after photos: Pitted sidewalk at the top of the stairs. Excavated sidewalk now framed for concrete. Smooth concrete connects stairs to sidewalk.If you would like to be part of CUCC’s ongoing work to be more accessible in our programs and our facilities, please contact Beth Allison-Moon at  You can either be an active participant or, like a few people with already over-committed schedules,  ask to be included in our email conversations so you can stay informed and participate when you have time.

Also, plan to attend the two Accessible to All (A2A) sessions at this summer’s fabulous intergenerational VBS:  “Draw the Circle Wide” (July 26-28).