CUCC Friends, at our congregational meeting on Sunday we approved the largest budget in our history–$314,490. Our stewardship ministry initially felt obligated to present a balanced budget and had projected reductions to ministry recommendations presented at the November congregational meeting. Among the reductions we recommended were to reduce the proposed staff salary increase from 3% to 2% and to reduce the cleaning service line which would the hourly wage of Jani-king’s employee to $15 @ hour. The congregation voted to restore both of these items to allow for the increases proposed in January. The effect we have now is a budget unbalanced by $3,198 going in to 2022. We appealed to members to increase pledges to offset this deficit. Jeanne Ledbetter, our Assistant Treasurer, has already received notice of $1,820 in increased pledges. Anyone willing to add to this total should contact Jeanne at her Treasurer’s email:

Thank you, Bill Lamb