Dear Congregation,
We will be having a hybrid congregational meeting on June 26 at 11:45. People who can attend in person will meet in the fellowship hall. People who will attend online will use Zoom
(Zoom link:

Jeff Cole will help us run this meeting by monitoring the chat box and hand emojis on Zoom and we will try to have discussion that will be fruitful between those in person as well as on zoom. This meeting is likely to have much conversation so we ask for patience and resilience as we navigate a hybrid model.

There are documents in your Breeze file (on your profile page, there is a folder to the right called “Upcoming Congregational Meeting”) that we ask for you to read prior to the meeting.

The agenda is still being formalized, but as of now we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Vote on Stewardship Ministry Annual Congregational Meeting Report Changes
  • Housing Task Force Updates Regarding the O’Berry Property
  • Articles of Incorporation Update
  • Carbon Covenant Vote
  • Financial Report Update including Pastor Santi Pay Discussion and Vote

The Council looks forward to your attendance and participation! Please email me directly with any questions at
-Laurel Powell, CUCC Moderator