Congregations for Social Justice (CSJ) is a coalition of faith communities committed to advocating for public policies that create a better Raleigh for all people. Bill Gretsch, Adrienne Little and Merrilee Jacobson are CSJ members, so you’ll see a familiar face or two at the Zoom meetings! We hope you’ll join us on January 12 at 8:30 a.m. when our speakers will be Rev. Rebecca Yarbrough and Rev. Robin Sands of the Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte who will talk about welcoming immigrants and refugees .The Zoom link is For more information on CSJ, please contact Adrienne Little (919-781-0829) or Merrilee Jacobson (919-274-4539).

CUCC connects to Congregations for Social Justice via our Do Justice ministry represented by Bill, Adrienne and Merrilee – and hopefully you!