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Dear Congregation,

We are a church community that cares for one another, respects scientific data, and is based on trust, inclusion, and justice for all participants, and we want to inform you that within our congregation, there are more reported Covid cases this week than in previous weeks. This is in line with the numbers county wide. COVID-19 infections increased by 43% in Wake County during the past week. The county is averaging more than 800 cases for every 100,000 residents; the highest in the state. The rise in infections and other metrics led the county to jump from “low” to “medium” risk last Wednesday. Wake County is one of only two counties in North Carolina at this risk level. These numbers are discouraging and we pray for those in our midst who are infected.

As a church community, we also want to be supportive in practical ways to those in our midst who are experiencing Covid. If you need someone to provide groceries, to run other important errands, or just to listen to your concerns, please contact Pastor Lacey at or Pastor Śānti at or the Caring Committee at

We continue to urge our participants to stay up to date on vaccinations, and to stay home if you are feeling sick. We also encourage those who want to wear masks to do so, and we always have masks and hand sanitizer available at the church. At this time, we do not feel a need to change our policies. We support personal choice when it comes to masking in public spaces.

With care and respect for our community,
Pastor Lacey and Pastor Śānti