NewsCreate and share abstract sensory poems

Lea Sage of the Arts in Worship  Committee’s Lenten study group “Glimpses of the New Creation…” invites you to take a moment to write a sensory poem. 

Step 1: Call to mind an abstract concept. (Examples: Worship, Sunniness, Appreciation, etc.)
Step 2: Fill out the sensory sentences that relate to your concept:

a. ________ feels like:
b. ________ looks like:
c. ________ smells like:
d. ________ sounds like:
e. ________ tastes like:

Voila! — There is your poem! You may just love and embrace it for yourself or  Do you wish to share it? Come to the church next Tuesday the 21st at 7pm where the sharing will occur as part of our evening looking at worship and the narrative arts, theater arts, and kinetic arts.
-Marty Lamb

For more information on Arts in Worship, contact its chair, Marty Lamb.