NewsCROP Walk Hunger

This year’s CROP Walk is scheduled for Sunday, October 30.  We encourage you to sign up to walk and to raise money by finding sponsors.  Now is the time to sign up online and join our CUCC team.  Go to or search for Triangle CROP walk.  Talk to Mike Schafale ( or Merrilee Jacobson ( for help if you don’t find this easy.  If you sign up by September 18, you can get a T-shirt.  Please let Mike know if you plan to walk.  If  you don’t plan to walk, please consider sponsoring a walker or our whole team by going to the team web site, using Breeze (select “CROP Walk” from the giving options at, placing a check in the offering plate made out to “CWS/CROP Walk” or providing a check or cash to individual walkers.


The CROP Walk is our largest collective event to provide help for people who are hungry.  Money raised by it supports both local hunger organizations and Church World Service, which provides emergency food aid and long-term development programs in many countries.