Our neighbors in Raleigh and around the world continue to deal with food insecurity. The problem seems overwhelming, but YOU can make a difference by supporting the annual Greater Triangle CROP Hunger Walk. While the community walk has been cancelled due to the pandemic, CUCC has come up with ways to still have an impact.

You can:

  • Join the CUCC CROP Walk team and ask family and friends to support you through a donation. You can register for the CUCC team here: https://events.crophungerwalk.org/2021/team/community-united-church-of-christ
  • Enjoy an Oktoberfest meal after the service on Oct. 31 and then walk 1, 2 or 3.5 miles around the church neighborhood. (Suggested walk routes will be provided, or you can make up your own.) If you don’t have time to walk on Oct. 31, please fit in a walk when convenient.
  • If you don’t feel like walking, you can support our team by sponsoring an individual walker or the team as a whole. https://events.crophungerwalk.org/2021/team/community-united-church-of-christ
  • You can also make a donation through the church’s web site https://communityucc.breezechms.com/give/internal by selecting “CROP Walk” from the pull-down menu next to “Give to the General Fund.”
  • Donations can also be given to coordinators Mike Schafale or Ken & Merrilee Jacobson each Sunday. Please make checks payable to “CWS/CROP Hunger Walk.”
  • And, finally, items collected for a now-cancelled church yard sale will be available on the 31st with all proceeds going to the CROP Walk. Items include two flat screen TVs, four children’s guitars, a new air fryer and electric griddle, a mini beach tent, two crystal candelabras, books, piano music, a large dog bed, home décor items and craft materials.

For more information or for help registering, contact Mike Schafale (mpschafale@gmail.com) or Ken & Merrilee Jacobson (mkjacobson123@gmail.com).